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Re: Working on the tasks pages

On Tue, 3 Jun 2008, Leopold Palomo-Avellaneda wrote:

Well, I'm an advocate of the i18n but IMHO solve mistakes has more priority.
But, by now we don't have a deadline.

I'll sewhat I can do about factorizing the remaining Debian Med stuff to work for

Task: Robotics
Description: Debian Robotics packages
This metapackage will install Debian Science packages related to Robotics.


With this file you generate a left column with a summary (and some explanation
of the debian-med project ;-) )

This is a static column (and thus was not touched by me which explains the
remaining Debian Med specific stuff).

and a right column with a list of packages
separated by:

Green: The project is available as an official Debian package
Yellow: The project is available as an inofficial Debian package
Red: The project is not (yet) available as a Debian package

If I would like to add some text before each category, or a paragraph, or
whatever. Should I to add some tag to separate it?

You can't because it would be ignored.  Just propose the text you would
like to see and I would think about an implementation.

ok, I understand that I can add in a flat schema a list of sub task, taking in
mind that at least a minimun of packages is needed. So, I could have:


Yes - in principle.

however, I would like to have some root page with links to this sub-tasks.

This is the problem.  We have no such code which does generate this because
there was no need for coding this up to now.  I continue to think that
robotics has not jet enough content to split it up.  For the moment you
might also like to think about giving an extra structure in DebTags.  Perhaps
we find some way to merge DebTags information into the tasks pages - but this
is future ...

Kind regards



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