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Re: Working on the tasks pages

A Dimarts 03 Juny 2008, Andreas Tille va escriure:
> [Hi, I'm quoting some parts of Leopold's mail here (shamelessly ignoring
>   nettiquette - but I hope there is nothing really private about this mail)
>   because it concerns all CDDs and the content should be archived here for
>   further reference.]


I thought propose you that before, and I agree. Don't worry.

> On Mon, 2 Jun 2008, Leopold Palomo Avellaneda wrote:
> > but, in that page I like the schema, but i would like to create an
> > introduction, and propose some sub task, or simple, create a generic page
> > and link to a robotics-realtime, robotics-simulations, etc, and then
> > create this files under tasks or create a subdir robotics and that file
> > inside.
> Put this into the long Description of the Task (very top of the document).

Ok, I will try in some moment.

> > If you discover a project which looks like a good candidate for
> > Debian-Med to you, or if you have prepared an inofficial Debian package,
> > please do not hesitate to send a description of that project to the
> > Debian-Med mailing list
> Ahh, please don't remember me about the work I have to do.  


> Well, the 
> left column is the result of shamelessly taking over the template that was
> used for Debian-Med.  I would have to fix this but I'm currently really
> busy to rewrite the whole stuff to enable internationalised pages (for
> instance featuring Italian package descriptions from DDTP project if they
> are available).  

Well, I'm an advocate of the i18n but IMHO solve mistakes has more priority. 
But, by now we don't have a deadline.

> When rewriting this I will use proper factorising for all 
> the CDD strings instead of hardcoding as it was done by David Paleino
> who had only Debian Med in mind.  But I will think about fixing this issue
> quickly in the old system because the rewrite will probably last longer
> than acceptable for the other CDDs.


> > And some tags?
> What tags do you mean?

For example, the document I have filled has:

Task: Robotics
Description: Debian Robotics packages
 This metapackage will install Debian Science packages related to Robotics.


With this file you generate a left column with a summary (and some explanation 
of the debian-med project ;-) ) and a right column with a list of packages 
separated by:

Green: The project is available as an official Debian package
Yellow: The project is available as an inofficial Debian package
Red: The project is not (yet) available as a Debian package

If I would like to add some text before each category, or a paragraph, or 
whatever. Should I to add some tag to separate it?

> > that's was why I asked you to create a robotics list. Howeber, first see
> > if there's enough people and after do it.
> I'm not a list master and thus I can not create such a list.  You have to
> decide whether to ask for an Alioth project and create a mailing list for
> this project or to ask listmaster for a list on lists.debian.org.

Ok, I will try. I would prefer to have one, but we need people ...

> > But, for example, I have seen mathematics mathematics-dev.
> OK, this is fine.  If you have some robotics-dev or something like
> that in mind it is OK.  We currently have a flat tasks structure per
> CDD because each task turns into one meta package.  If you think about
> subtasks per name sheme this is fine.  But there is no such thing like
> mathematics/dev or robotics/dev which means a deeper structure in
> single fields.  Please make sure that there is at least one existing
> package inside Debian for each task.  The cdd-dev tool is currently
> not (yet) able to handle tasks without a single existing package
> inside Debian reasonably.

ok, I understand that I can add in a flat schema a list of sub task, taking in 
mind that at least a minimun of packages is needed. So, I could have:


however, I would like to have some root page with links to this sub-tasks.

> Kind regards and thanks for your input

Your welcome, thanks to you for insist.


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