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Re: How to add contrib or non-free packages to CDD

On 10/11/07, vagrant@freegeek.org <vagrant@freegeek.org> wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 11, 2007 at 10:36:28AM -0400, Ernesto Hernandez-Novich wrote:
> > I'm trying to add a couple of contrib packages and a non-free package
> > into a CDD using simple-cdd. I added
> >
> > mirror_components="main contrib non-free"
> >
> > into simple-cdd.conf but the packages are not being downloaded at all.
> what version of simple-cdd and debian-cd you are using?

simple-cdd 0.3.4 from Sid.
debian-cd 3.0.2 from Etch.

> how did you install simple-cdd?

I run an up-to-date Debian Etch. I did

aptitude install debian-cd reprepro

since I already had the remaining simple-cdd dependencies already
installed. Then I downloaded simple-cdd from Sid and installed it
usind dpkg.

> are you trying to build an etch, lenny or sid CD?

I'm trying to build a Etch CD, including main, contrib an non-free
packages both from the main repositories and also from
debian-multimedia.org. There will also be a couple of local packages.

> what was the commandline you used for simple-cdd?

Created a work directory, cd into it, created
profiles/Escritorio.packages with the list of desired packages and
profiles/Escritorio.preseed with several debconf preseeds. Also
created simple-cdd.conf and then ran

simple-cdd --conf simple-cdd.conf --profiles-udeb-dist sid --do-mirror

Everything worked fine. Got the "package nod found" error I wrote
about a couple of weeks ago, but solved it by manually checking for
Provides in the dependency list. Up to that point I was only using
packages in main.

Then tried adding w32codecs from debian-multimedia.org, and it worked fine.

Then tried adding msttcorefonts which is contrib and several packages
in non-free (mostly linux kernel modules and WiFi firmware) and it did
not download the packages at all.

> since simple-cdd version 0.3.1, only the configuration files of your
> profiles are included by default.
>  build-simple-cdd --conf some-conf-file

This is the way I'm doing it. The conf-file mentiones the profile I
want included (Escritorio, which is spanish for Desktop) and some
other options, but only the ones I need (like using spanish, Venezuela
as country...).

> or put it into:
>  profiles/FOO.conf
> i would strongly recommend only including the options you actually need
> in configuration files...
> > To be precise, I added 'msttcorefonts' and several non-free kernel
> > modules (nvidia, fgrlx, some WiFi firmwares) along with Sun Java
> > packages to profile.packages.
> profiles/profile.packages ? or profiles/default.packages ? or ... ?


> > msttcorefonts gets into the CD, but none of the non-free ones do. I
> > changed debian-cd configuration to include both CONTRIB and NONFREE,
> > but the thing is the non-free packages are not even being downloaded.
> how did you configure debian-cd? since simple-cdd version 0.3.2,
> debian-cd's CONF.sh is no longer used at all.

I added

export CONTRIB=1
export NONFREE=1

to simple-cdd.conf
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