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My CDD talk at RMLL


Andreas Tille asked me to post a little report about my CDD talk at
RMLL.  The slides can be found at http://people.debian.org/~enrico/talks

The talk mostly covered what's in the slides.  This time I went a bit
more technical, talking about the infrastructure that's already
available and giving example commands and pointers to where to find

Most of the questions were suggestions of extra usefull tools.  Two that
ended up in my notes of are reprepro[1] and

While preparing the talks, and later on when people were suggesting
software I didn't mention, I figured out that we have lots of tools.
Lots and diverse.  I was wondering if, as a diversion while trying to
create the Ultimate CDD Infrastructure, it wouldn't be a good idea to do
a bit of census work, exploring the tools that we already have, creating
some tutorials on how to use them, giving examples of how to use them as
a toolchain to create a installation CD or live CD.

Yeah, basically pulling together the already available toolchain and
documenting it.



[1] apt-cache show reprepro
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