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Skolelinux/LinEx and DebianEdu will apply for developer boards

After contacts with the different branches of the DebianEdu project
and some of the cooperating projects, we have put together a draft
application for OLPC developer boards. To sum it up we have the following
parties that said they could contribute:

- The LinEx people and Christian Perrier from the Debian installer
  team could help out with the installer (getting a Debian distro
  install with Linux-bios)
- Anton Borisow could help out with power management and bios issues
- Skolelinux Germany is currently waiting for shipment for some boards
  from Brightstar that would be located at their tests center.
- Knut Yrvin will help out getting a debloated KDE desktop to work.
  He will cooperate with student projects at universities and
  university colleges making a more light weight desktop of standard
  GUI applications and components tailored for use inn education.

We really need people also working with the mesh network (IPv6). And
it would be nice with some person(s) that could help out with
documentation on a wiki. To use the wiki as a tool for simple status
reports an such is really working. So it would be nice if someone
would join the effort making the mesh network work out of the box, and
the effort with maintaining and updating documentation and small
status reports on a wiki.

Please give feedback so that we can improve the application for boards, the 
plans, or if you would participate. Link to the draft application: 

The development of a Debian OLPC solution will almost certain to be
done under the DebianEdu umbrella, but it is really a cross project
activity to get this working. I'll e-mail this to the debian custom
list as I announced earlier. But a lot of development coordination
will also be done on other lists, by IRC and the wiki.

I'll present this plan on Thursday at the DevCamp 2006 at Forbach in
France with 50 Skolelinux developers and contributors. So please join
our common effort to make OLPC a success!


Best regards 

Knut Yrvin
from the Skolelinux project Norway

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