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Re: Question about debpartial-mirror


All right I think with the new debpartial-mirror v 0.2.9 it is possible
right ? I just have to create 2 backends, one with the sarge and one for the
php5 packages, and then merge them in one single backend, am I right ?

So I tried the new debpartial-mirror version and first I tried to do one
backend for all of the packages besides php5. Here is my config file:

;;debpartial-mirror configuration file.

;; Show debug information?
;debug = DEBUG

;; Mirror destination directory
mirror_dir = /wedux/mirrors

;; Which architectures should I download?
architectures = i386

;; What should I look for, by default?
components = main
distributions = stable

;; What should I get?
get_suggests = false
get_recommends = false
get_provides = false
get_sources = false
get_packages = true

;Sarge partial mirror
server = http://ftp2.fr.debian.org/debian

components = main main/debian-installer
distributions = sarge

filter = include-from:/usr/share/debian-cd/tasks/wedux

When I run debpartial-mirror all everything looks fine at the beginning: it
fetches the packages.gz and Release files and also the packages. But after
the packages are fetched, it says "Removing unneeded file:
path/to/package/name". It says that for all of the packages it just fetched,
and after that it hangs and I have to do a Ctrl C to stop it.

If anybody has an idea...

Thanks a lot once again.
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