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Re: [NEWS] New debpartial-mirror release

Otavio Salvador <otavio@debian.org> writes:

> Goswin von Brederlow <brederlo@informatik.uni-tuebingen.de> writes:
>> Otavio Salvador <otavio@debian.org> writes:
>>> = debpartial-mirror 0.2.90 ready for testing =
>> How does that compare with reprepro?
> The goal of both are different. debpartial-mirror is meant to manage
> mirrors and build "repositories" using those mirrors. It can't handle
> package uploads and like.

Which is what reprepro does if you don't manualy add debs/src
yourself. It actualy combines both mirroring and local archives.

> One possible and powerful use might use both together to have a local
> repository that could be merged with sarge's original repository to
> build a new one that could be use for a derivative distribution.

That is what I'm already doing with reprepro alone. I have
repositories for backports, local packages, ftp.debian.org,
amd64.debian.net, security.debian.org and multiarch converted packages
and from all those together I build release-i386 and release-amd64
repositories that get mirrored to the customers. reprepro even uses
hardlinks if the files reside on the same fs so there is no space

>From the description it sounds like reprepro is a superset of what
debpartial-mirror can do. That is why I asked what is special about
it. Maybe one of them can be replaced by the other and the devloper
time pooled into one package alone.


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