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[NEWS] New debpartial-mirror release

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= debpartial-mirror 0.2.90 ready for testing =

We're glad to announce an improved version of debpartial-mirror. 

It comes with a lot of new (amazing) features and it is easier to
This release is based on the python-cdd library[1], which is an
important development for the Custom Debian Distribuition project[2].

The current version is almost ready for production use (some users
already use it) but we still need more testing, reviews and
Translation contribuitions are (of course) welcome too!

A gtk-based UI is also in early developement: suggestions, comments
and requests would be very helpful to us in this stage.

Latest development releases can be found at O.S. Systems SVN[3]

Major improvements of this version:

 * It is possible to act on single or selected mirrors.
 * Command interface resembles apt/aptitude; this should make users
 * familiar with debpartial-mirror usage.  
 * Could merge many mirrors in a new one doing dependency resolution;
 * this should make it easier for CDDs to create custom repositories.

'''About debpartial-mirror:'''

Departial-mirror is a tool that easily creates partial mirrors of
apt-style repositories.
With this tool it is possible to create custom apt-style archives,
merging different parts from multiple repositories.
- From each repository (remote or local) it is possible to specify which
part of the mirror should be mirrored, by specifying 
packages sections, a list of packages, or even files and directories
matching regular expressions.

'''About Custom Debian Distribution (CDD) Project [4]:'''

The CDD project is an effort that aims to develop a set of tools and
specifications to create a solution for ''special groups of target
users with different skills and interests.'' A CDD not only provides
handy collections of specific software, but also eases installation
and configuration for the intended purposes. To clarify a common
misunderstanding: Custom Debian Distributions are not forks from
Debian. They are completely included, and if you obtain the complete
Debian GNU/Linux distribution, you have all available Custom Debian
Distributions included.

[1] http://projetos.ossystems.com.br/python-cdd

[2] http://cdd.alioth.debian.org

[3] http://projetos.ossystems.com.br/debpartial-mirror

[4] http://people.debian.org/~tille/cdd/ch-about.en.html

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