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howto build cdd?


Sorry to bug people here in the n-th time, but I still fail to build a
custom Debian CD in a decent automated manner and I try to figure out
what I'm missing.

What I did:

There is an ellusive script called "simple-cdd". It doesn't seem to be
part of any Debian package. I'm not sure what version seems to be the
most recent and tested. Feature-wise it seems just what I need. The sole
problem is that it doesn't work.

Simple-cdd is basically a wrapper around Debian's debian-cd. Originally 
it had a problem supporting a local packages source in a decent manner
just as debian-cd has poor support for this. So originally I setteled
for some ugly scripts that basically modify the netinst ISO image.
Those scripts sort of work, but are not well automated.

A workaround for the loal packages is to create a local mirror that will
contain exactly what I need. There seem to be two recent candidates for
such a merging mirror:

* reprepro: works rather nice. I find it very useful for my main apt
  source. I still evaluate it for the merging mirror. Problems I have
  - Does not mirror anything outside pool and dists . Current
    workaround: scriptary to mirror the rest through a manual list using
    rsync. Sort-of works.
  - Requires an explicit packages list from each source of the
    repository. Current workaround: an apt wrapper that resolves
    dependencies. Only works when there are no conflicts in the packages
    lists. Such conflicts are, e.g: asterisk-classic and
    asterisk-bristuff. Resolving each package separately is not good
    enough as sometimes I wish to avoid certain packages by providing a
    certain dependency explicitly.
    In short: I'm stuck here.
* deppartial-mirror: I still haven't figured out how to configure it. No
  working sample. Looks very nice, though.

The original debian-cd, naturally, unusable, as it doesn't easily
support working as non-root and working in an arbitrary working dir.
I have started to work on a wrapper of my own for it.

My debian-cd wrapper begins by generating a symlinks tree in debian-cd/
under the current working dir to /usr/share/debian-cd . I use there the
above-mentioned reprepro wrapper to generate a local mirror. Unlike the
scripts in the cddt repository, I don't hardwire the name of the apt
sources. Rather, I parse them from the conf/updates file at the price of
an ugly warning at resolve time.

What I currently get is an install CD that begins an installation but
fails at running debootstrap (If I understand the error correctly).

Is it possible to get help for either one of those two in this list?

Tzafrir Cohen      sip:tzafrir@local.xorcom.com
icq#16849755       iax:tzafrir@local.xorcom.com
tzafrir.cohen@xorcom.com  http://www.xorcom.com

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