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Re: working with debian cd


On 3/28/06, Daniel Dickinson <alemc.2@bmts.com> wrote:
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> On Mon, 27 Mar 2006 16:58:00 +0545
> "Paras pradhan" <pradhanparas@gmail.com> wrote:
> > hi:
> >
> > - Yes i am doing everything as root.
> >
> > - i am not sure if the CONF.sh is ok or no. please have a look at it
> > once.
> I gave it a quick once-over.  It looked okay to me.
> > - Regarding the installer. I have build it using
> > http://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/Build and copied manaully the
> I'd recommend against doing this; if you're using the current
> development version rather than the sarge installer you *will*
> experience breakage at some point (and it sounds like you already
> have).  Also, you don't really need to; if you download the
> installer-i386 directory it's got everything you need (unless for some
> reason you need a custom kernel or are trying to customize d-i).

Yes i need to customize d-i in the long run.. but for now i just want
to see or install the extra packages i added to my sargecd pool. For
ex: i have used debian-3.1.. netboot iso and have added xorg and xfce
packages.. for now i want to install my customized cd and see if after
installation the xorg and xfce works or no.

> Oh wait; have you downloaded the udebs to go along with the installer
> and/or copied them to the pool directory?  (If you're not trying to
> customize the installer, the best thing to do is get the udebs from a
> sarge netinst cd).  If you don't have the right udebs for your
> installer it won't work (the installer-i386 directory
> is the engine, but to have a complete vehicle you need the udebs).

Yes i have copied the udebs along with the installer extracted from
mini.iso and apt.udeb folder ( in src ) which i got after the
successful build of d-i. I used the script move-installer-udebs.sh to
move the udebs to my sargecd pool.

> > kernel, initrd and isolinux files to my /sargecd folder.
> Why?

i guess i need to move the kernel images and other files to my sargecd ..

> > Also i don't
> > see the symlink inside. It has only 'binary-i386  debian-installer
> It should be in the installer-i386 directory that you put in your
> source (for debian-cd purposes) directory, not the output directory.
> > `/sargecd/dists/sarge/main/installer-i386/current/images/cdrom/boot.img':

I am still confused on this.

> Can you describe your file tree?

I have attached the tree of my sargecd folder.

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Thanks a lot for the help you guys are providing me.


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