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Re: RFC: debian-lanserver Custom Debian Distribution (CDD)

On Mar 26, 2006, at 16:20, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
Hi, Bjørn.  Nice to hear from you again, and good to hear that you are
using Debian. :)

Hi Petter, great to hear from you again as well! I haven't installed Skolelinux yet, but have heard about it and I see it's the prime example of doing the "right thing" with respect to becoming a CDD.

This sounds a bit like Skolelinux/Debian-Edu, a preconfigured
client/server solution for schools.

It includes, working out of the box

 - DHCP server and DNS server
 - samba
 - NFS
 - smtp and imap server with authentication
 - LDAP server used to store user info and configuration
 - web server

A very good start. Are all of the above services set up to pull user data from the LDAP server?

So comparing it to your list, we are missing

 - Firewall with NAT - we defined the firewall-gateway to be outside
   the scope of skolelinux, to avoid the complexity of handling all
   kinds of network hardware.

Fortunately, firewall w/ NAT is relatively independent of the rest, so it could be a task (or whatever you call it), I guess?

 - Apple fire sharing (netatalk) - all macintosh-boxes support SMB
   these days.  A waste to set up netatalk when they are better off
   talking to samba.


 - Connecting the DNS and DHCP server - not quite sure what you mean
   here?  dynamic dns?

Similar. More like the DHCP clients telling the DHCP server what name they'd like, then the DHCP server registering those in the DNS (w/ reverse DNS). dnsmasq is a program that implements both and works fine for this, also used by the freeware linksys systems.

 - SMTP server with spam and virus checking - we plan to set up
   avscan, but no-one got to it yet.

 - VPN server

 - Intranet services such as Wiki and Issue tracking - there are talks
   about including moodle or some other system.  nothing decided yet.

 - Shared calendaring and mail folders a la Exchange (if feasible) -
   schoolbell might be integrated to provide this.

We do have some problems with upgrades, as the preconfiguration
clashes with some packages.

There is also a Skolelinux related group in Greece, lead by
Konstantinos Margaritis, who is working on changing Skolelinux into an
office linux, by removing the educational software and only keeping
the office related software.  It might be interesting to cooperate
with them on this project.

Yes, sounds like it. Sounds like a lot of meta packages/ tasks could be shared.

Does the Greek project have an online forum?  How far along are they?

-- Bjorn

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