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Re: RFC: debian-lanserver Custom Debian Distribution (CDD)

[Bjørn Stabell]
> A very good start.  Are all of the above services set up to pull
> user data from the LDAP server?

Yes, and all machines in the network use DNS to locate the services,
to make it easier to relocate services and spread the load across
several machines.  We choose the DNS solution as the service location
protocols were not ready for prime time when we started.  These days I
suspect zeroconf or similar could be used instead.

> Fortunately, firewall w/ NAT is relatively independent of the rest,
> so it could be a task (or whatever you call it), I guess?

Yes.  We have a few suggestions for those needing a firewall.  floppy
firewall is one of them, but any will do. :)

> Similar.  More like the DHCP clients telling the DHCP server what
> name they'd like, then the DHCP server registering those in the DNS
> (w/ reverse DNS).  dnsmasq is a program that implements both and
> works fine for this, also used by the freeware linksys systems.

Right.  Using such system is a question of policy, I guess, if
IP-addresses should be handed out by those authorized to allow
machines on the net, or if any machine connected should be allowed to
use the net.  Skolelinux currenly expect the administrator to manage
the IP addresses and the DNS, and let machines pick names based on
their assigned DNS name.  Not sure if that is the best approach.
Would be interesting to know how this work in practice.  I suspect a
lot of schools just allow any machine to hook up, and only control
which machines are allowed to NFS-mount the home directories.

> Yes, sounds like it.  Sounds like a lot of meta packages/ tasks
> could be shared.

At least that, and probably also some of the configuration as well.

> Does the Greek project have an online forum?  How far along are
> they?

Not sure.  He is on this list, so I hope he will speak up.

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