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Re: RFC: debian-lanserver Custom Debian Distribution (CDD)

On Sun, Mar 26, 2006 at 04:35:24PM +0800, Bjørn Stabell wrote:
> On Mar 26, 2006, at 16:20, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> >Hi, Bjørn.  Nice to hear from you again, and good to hear that you are
> >using Debian. :)

> > - Connecting the DNS and DHCP server - not quite sure what you mean
> >   here?  dynamic dns?
> Similar.  More like the DHCP clients telling the DHCP server what  
> name they'd like, then the DHCP server registering those in the DNS  
> (w/ reverse DNS).  dnsmasq is a program that implements both and  
> works fine for this, also used by the freeware linksys systems.

Which brings the issue of "one size fits all": dnsmasq is indeed simpler
than ISC-dhcpd and bind . Much closer to work out of the box for a small
LAN. However it may not work well on a more complex network. (I 
personally use it on our LAN).

And again, for the mail server: if you want a simple mail server with
imap and webmail, you can use a much simpler (and relieble) solution
than a multi-station setup with LDAP.

Tzafrir Cohen     icq#16849755  +972-50-7952406
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