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Re: debian-cd and new packages

On Tue, Mar 21, 2006 at 03:15:23PM -0800, philagui wrote:
> Hello,
> Paras > I sent you the modified script by email, hope you have it and it
> helped.
> All right I did an apt-get -d (download-only option) install apache
> mysql-server. It redownloaded all the packages needed for apache and
> mysql-server and now when I run make mirrorcheck it tells me something
> different, saying that apache and mysql-server have dependencies that are
> not installable and it removes the packages from the list.
> For example, for the package apache, it tells me that mime and perl are
> required but can not be installed. And it tells me that he is removing a
> list of packages, including apache. And of course, when I run make bin-list
> it tells me that 331 out of 341 packages will be on the cd (the 10 missing
> packages corresponding to apache and its dependencies).
> So if someone could tell me more about debian-cd, how it works etc... or has
> an idea about this problem, I would really appreciate it.

Hmmm, you're still stuck there?

To get around that, work in your own private space. Try the attached
apter. It may need some slight adjustments. symlink "apt-get" and maybe
"apt-cache" (or "aptitude", if you prefare) to it.

Tzafrir Cohen     icq#16849755  +972-50-7952406
tzafrir.cohen@xorcom.com  http://www.xorcom.com

CMD=`basename $0`



case "$CMD" in
		exec $CMD \
			-o Dir=$PWD/$APT_DIR \
			-o Dir::State::status=$PWD/$APT_DIR/var/lib/dpkg/status \
		if [ "$1" = 'setup' ]
			for dir in \
				etc/apt var/lib/apt/lists/partial var/lib/dpkg \
			do mkdir -p $APT_DIR/$dir
			touch $APT_DIR/var/lib/dpkg/status
			cat <<EOF >$APT_DIR/etc/apt/sources.list
deb 	file://$PWD/Branches/$BRANCH/cd sarge main
deb     http://mirror.hamakor.org.il/pub/mirrors/debian/ sarge main
deb     http://security.debian.org/ sarge/updates main
			cat <<EOF >$APT_DIR/etc/apt/preferences
# give our packages a higher priority:
Package: *
Pin: release o=Xorcom
Pin-Priority: 600

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