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Re: debian-cd and new packages

I am also exactly doing what you are . i cannot answer your question
right now but in my case the script which moves the packgaes to the
reposirty is not working.

it prompts error as:

line 55: [RC1DIR]=/mypool/: No such file or directory

the command i ran is: copy-new-debs-to-pool /mypool /sargecd

Where did i miss?


On 3/21/06, philagui <khaeos@khaeos.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to build a custom sarge cd following this tutorial:
> http://wiki.debian.org/DebianCustomCD
> Short story: everything seems to be working except that when I check the
> newly built cd, the pool directory doesn't include the new packages (apache
> + mysql-server) I want to put in the cd.
> Long story: I'm trying to build a custom sarge cd that contains, for now,
> the packages of the netinst cd and apache and mysql-server and their
> dependencies. Here is how I included my packages: I downloaded them with
> their dependencies using apt-get with the download-only option.
> I used apt-move to move them to a directory /mirrors/debian.
> I used the script in http://wiki.debian.org/DebianCustomCD to move the
> packages of /mirrors/debian into my pool directory.
> I checked in my pool directory and all the packages have been properly
> added.
> I kept following the tutorial and I don't think I missed anything. But here
> is the fact: after following the debian-cd procedure, the packages that I
> wanted to add: apache and mysql-server have NOT been added to the newly
> built cd (the cd is built correctly however, no problem with the ISO image)
> Do you know what I could do about that ? I also noticed that in my
> regenerated Packages file, apache has a priority set to "Optional". Maybe
> that would be the reason why debian-cd ignores it, but then how can I tell
> debian-cd not to ignore it ?
> Thanks a lot in advance for your answers.
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