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Re: base-config

El Sun, Sep 25, 2005 at 01:33:38AM -0700, mithereal va escriure:
> are the files under the key:
> section the md5sums or the the programs that will be
> installed under the section? so basically if i wanted
> to do a custom install w/o say kde in the cd for a
> debcd i would edit the debian-tasks.dsc and remove
> references to kde in desktop enviromnent section in
> the approiate dir on the cd iso and save changes
> prepare for burn and make 
> jason

  I'm unsure if I have understood you right, but if you look at the
  documentation you'll see that you shouldn't edit the debian-tasks.dsc,
  instead provide your own tasks description file.

  On the other side, if what you want is to build a custom cd take a look at
  the simple-cdd package (you can download it from the debian-np site, see
  message http://lists.debian.org/debian-custom/2005/07/msg00076.html);
  removing something from the tasks does not remove them from the CD set; if
  you change the debian-tasks.dsc it can have some influence on the final CD
  of a package, but that's all.

  Next week I'll write a document explaining how we've made the LliureX 
  installer using the cddtk, reprepro, the debian-installer Sarge packages and
  the debian-cd scripts.
  For a simple case like yours it will be really easy to do it the same way,
  but maybe the simple-cdd package is a better option, as it is ready for
  general use right now.
  Anyway, I'll post a message to the list when the document is ready and will
  try to talk about plans to incorporate all what is missing to the cddtk
  package and be able to publish a cddtk version usable by the general public


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