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Re: base-config and tasksel branches for CDD development

El Tue, Jan 25, 2005 at 07:02:37PM -0200, Otavio Salvador va escriure:
> Hello folks,
> I talked with Joey Hess today and he agreed about we start to use
> branches for CDD related development for both: tasksel and
> base-config.
> Could be really good if who have interesting changes in both tools
> share them with us. We can start to merge them back on that branch and
> then, post-sarge.
> Currently I don't have time to check both BTS to see if already exist
> reports and patches related and then if someone can do it could be
> very interesting since we can already start to have something
> integreded.

  Great! I'm starting to build my custom installers and trying to code parts
  of the cddtool and I'm quite interested on what people is doing with both
  systems. Please comment your ideas on the list if possible.
  Anyway, I'm mostly interested on base-config, as I plan is to use tasksel as
  is or use the cddtool directly for package installation if tasksel is not

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