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Re: CDD Tool Proposal

A single CDD Tool is definitly the way to go, I've been saying this for
years but no-one listens ;-)

Have you considered using FAI?  Installation classes define a list of
installation tasks, packages to be installed and removed, pre and post
install scripts etc. etc.

I've been using FAI to define custom Debian distributions for years, and
enabled CD installation (http://holbytla.org/fai/ - currently out of
sync with testing but supports woody's fai).

FAI can provide you guys with a great framework, but clearly it also
needs to evolve and be merged into the new debian-installer.  If Debian
supported CDD meta-data and allowed unattended installations with
debconf seeding then we all win.  I'd recommend working with FAI, tweak
it for your immediate needs, and then look towards integrating this
functionality into debian-installer.  We've all got *very* similar
goals, so it makes sense to work towards this logical conclusion

Niall Young

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