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Re: CDD Tool Proposal

On Thu, 23 Dec 2004, Niall Young wrote:

A single CDD Tool is definitly the way to go, I've been saying this for
years but no-one listens ;-)
Ups, where did you said this?

I've been using FAI to define custom Debian distributions for years, and
enabled CD installation (http://holbytla.org/fai/ - currently out of
sync with testing but supports woody's fai).
Thanks for the FAI advertising.  I really think that FAI is a very interesting
thing and we should also think about whether including FAI into our
Custom Debian Distributions framework might make sense.  But please try
to understand first what we are talking about when we talk about
Custom Debian Distributions and then come back with a reasonable
suggestion in how far FAI might help us.

Kind regards



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