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Re: PTS: Binary packages not listed

On Wed, 30 Jun 2004, Jeroen van Wolffelaar wrote:

> Policy says the Binary: header should list all packages that _could_ be
> build (but not necessarily are, for example, the xfree86 source package
> lists xserver-xfree86, but it isn't build on s390). So, you should make
> the clean target to put in debian/control the union of packages that
> are build across all archs with this meta-package, and then all is fine.
The problem is that the cdd-dev framework provides a common template for
a control file which might lead to completely different binary target
packages (for instance: med-bio, med-imaging, med-tools, ...  for Debian-Med
but jr-toys, jr-art, ... etc for Debian-Junior).  So it is either impossible
to insert the Binaries in advance or we have to find a completely different
way to build these meta packages which would reduce the flexibility we
wanted to gain.

Kind regards


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