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Re: PTS: Binary packages not listed

On Tue, 29 Jun 2004, Raphael Hertzog wrote:

> dpkg-source -b should create this file AFAIK. I'm not sure where this
> program is called however. I see a reference to it in dpkg-buildpackage
> but that's all right now.
You are right here and I found out that source tarball and .dsc file are
created in one call like

     make -f debian/rules clean
     cd ..; dpkg-source -b <build-dir>; cd <build-dir>
     make -f debian/rules build

The problem is that when using the cdd-dev package to build meta packages
the clean target creates a raw template of the debian/control file which
is expanded in the build target to the control file which is used later on
to build the right dependencies (which depend from the target distribution
which you build the meta packages for - that's why we are not able to go
with hard coded dependencies).

So the workaround for now was a dirty hack which edits the *.dsc when
building the build target.  This works for now but I hate such dirty hacks.

Kind regards


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