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Re: Purpose of -common package

On Mon, 28 Jun 2004, Ben Armstrong wrote:

> Otavio was asking via irc on #debian-custom about the purpose of the
> -common package created by cdd-dev.  Right now, it doesn't seem like it
> does much.  We're seeking some insight into its eventual intended
> purpose so we can improve the doc.  Can anyone shed light on this?
Three ways to find it out:

    1. Look at med-common
    2. Try to understand
       which is a part of my talk from DebianDay @ LinuxTag, but needs
       some explanation
    3. Wait until this or tomorrow evening until I merged this stuff into

I'd suggest a combination of 1. and 3.

In short: The common package cares for the initialisation of the menu
system, sorting available users into CDD-Roles and in the upcoming cdd-dev
0.3.2 (or 0.4) contains debconf stuff when to create user menus.  If you
do not care about the role system and user menus just leave out the
common directory in you meta package directory and <cdd>-common will
(should!?) not be created.

Kind regards


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