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Re: Pre-Depends support in cdd-gen-control

On Mon, 28 Jun 2004, Otavio Salvador wrote:

> I'm including a revisited version. This doesn't work in previous
> patch.
It seems you are refering to a local repository and not the alioth CVS.

If you ask me I would see no reason to include also Pre-Depends in
cdd-gen-control.  This is only a feature of a program which absolutely
does not harm.  But I think we should explicitely document that this
feature should be used with a grain of salt.  Pre-Depends should be
discussed in any case at debian-devel and thus we should not lower
this boundary by just providing a tool for users who might not know
the correct usage.

BTW, if you are at patching cdd-gen-control: It has two bugs which
bother me more than this missing feature.  It can neither handle versioned
dependencies nor alternatives as they are used in in connection with
virtual packages.  Just try

   Depends: debianutils (>= 2.6.2), mozilla-browser | www-browser

So if you ask me, feel free to propagate your Pre-Depends patch to the
alioth CVS.

Kind regards


PS: What about your plans with the subversion move?

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