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Re: Witch is the last version of cdd-dev tools?

On Mon, 28 Jun 2004, Otavio Salvador wrote:

> Today when I'm hacking the code to add the Pre-Depends support on it,
> I stay confused. Changelog looks like a released version but in Debian
> we have only 0.3.1. So I'm going to ask: 0.3.2 is released?
No, not yet.  There are some issued with template translation which I
wanted to check.  I've got an updated fr.po from Christian Perrier this
morning and I wanted to verify that all works fine until today evening.

I think we should find an agreement how to set the version number in CVS
inbetween releases.  My personal policy (when not using CVS) to increase
the version number just after release to the next future release because
*I* know about my work.  This sucks for CVS - just guide me to the
proper behaviour and I will follow this policy.

Kind regards


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