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Re: Broken CVS mail interface

On Wed, 9 Jun 2004, Ben Armstrong wrote:

> This means a little work for the committers.  But not much work.  But at
> least it distributes the work among several people instead of piling it
> on one person.  Also, in general, I like user-managed solutions where
> possible rather than admin-managed solutions, so this is my preferred
> option.
> So unless you guys can convince my why option #3 isn't good, this is
> what I recommend.
It's fine.  I'd suggest to put a script which the user has to call
anywhere to make it as simple as possible for newcommers.  Am I correct
that this trouble (approval / registration) is just for fighting SPAM?

I've thoght that not individual users will be senders of mail but the
CVS system.  Perhaps this could be approached that we have only one
poster to this list cvs@alioth.d.o (or whatever).  Moreover I wonder
if it is the case that each subject has to start with "cdd/" so we
could move out any other mail with different subject which would sort
out most of the possible spam, IMHO.

Kind regards


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