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Re: Broken CVS mail interface

On Wed, 2004-06-09 at 22:16, Ben Armstrong wrote:
> On Wed, 2004-06-09 at 19:48, Sergio Talens-Oliag wrote:
> >   If it didn't maybe the e-mail was sent but it is waiting moderator
> >   approval, Ben Amstrong can confirm if that is the case or we have to
> >   investigate it further.
> I received no messages to approve.

Yet I go to the admin interface and there are three posts held for
approval.  Hmm ...  I will need to pay more attention to what my spam
filter is catching.  I don't see these in my exim logs, though, so I am
not sure what's happening here.

Anyway, I have approved all three now.

We have a few ways to solve this:

1. Accept posts from *@alioth.debian.org
2. Accept posts from each CVS committer (explicitly list all in
exceptions list)
3. Require that every CVS committer subscribe himself using their
@alioth.debian.org address (set to nomail if already subscribed from
their "preferred" address)

Each approach has its obvious benefits and drawbacks.  Opinions?


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