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Re: Broken CVS mail interface

Here I go answering my own post again ...

On Wed, 2004-06-09 at 22:33, Ben Armstrong wrote:
> 1. Accept posts from *@alioth.debian.org

I believe we can scratch this one off the list.  It seems that the
"posters" option in Mailman only accepts a list of addresses, not a

> 2. Accept posts from each CVS committer (explicitly list all in
> exceptions list)

This means a little work for the list admin.  But not much work.

> 3. Require that every CVS committer subscribe himself using their
> @alioth.debian.org address (set to nomail if already subscribed from
> their "preferred" address)

This means a little work for the committers.  But not much work.  But at
least it distributes the work among several people instead of piling it
on one person.  Also, in general, I like user-managed solutions where
possible rather than admin-managed solutions, so this is my preferred

So unless you guys can convince my why option #3 isn't good, this is
what I recommend.


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