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Re: CDD eGovernment - Linux-eGov

It would be great if we could come to an agreement on some essential
LAN server elements to CDD that we could all work on together and
benefit from, and each individual project could then add their own
specialized componants and branding. 

For example, if we could agree that a cdd-LANserver would be something
composed of the following:

squid proxy
ldap server with pre-loaded schema

then we could all use this "meta-package" and add our own specialized
componants on top of it (such as your GIS Application and Mapserver).


Florian Fischer schrieb am Friday, den 04. June 2004:

> >(internet access, mail, ldap address book, document management system,
> >basic gov portal infrastructure). we just installed debian on the 4
> hi,
> my goal is to setup a egov server cdd with your mentioned basic features 
> (+ERP systems, Opengroupware.org and GIS Apllications/Mapserver).
> Another Idea is a e-gov desktop version. This should include Open Office 
> ,Evolution,Browser,Scan Soft aso. I'm currently mastering a live 
> promotion cd for a Municipality in Germany.
> I read the draft from Andreas Tille und he is a Friend of mine, but I 
> don't have much Experience in Debian Development. I need to do a webpage 
> that is compilant to debian cdd webpages. But how?
> Did you have any Ideas how to do that?
> thanks and greets
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