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Re: CDD doc status

On Fri, 4 Jun 2004, Ben Armstrong wrote:

> I have just checked out a fresh copy of the CDD doc, including Andreas's
> latest updates.  I'll be reviewing the doc I have covered so far, making
> additional adjustments (again, mostly grammar, etc.) over the next few
> days.
This is greatly appreciated.

> If there's a way to be notified by email of cdd cvs changes, I'd like to
> do that for at least myself.  I guess I ought to look at Alioth's
> capabilities and see if that is one of them.
IMHO there is a big need for this feature.  I'm an CVS beginner but I have
hear about other projects who send CVS changes to a mailing list which
can be subscribed by interested parties.  We could set up an alioth list
for this purpose (or rather two list one for doc/common and one for
common (=the cdd tools) and later more if there is some common development).

> I notice little errors
> slipping back in (nothing major -- some missed punctuation, etc.) and
> I'd like to keep on top of those.
Whe I read my printed copy lately I was really astonished how many bugs
were inside even after a certain amount of people had a look ...

> Would it be too much extra traffic if
> all cvs updates were just sent to the debian-custom list?
I'd consider this a bad idea.  I do not really like the automated mails
in the debian-edu list and I would hate these CVS messages in between
normal discussion.  The alioth mailing list feature is IMHO the think
we want.

Kind regards


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