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Re: Draft proposal for debian-custom

On Tue, 1 Jun 2004, Marco Presi wrote:

> We looks forward to have Debian-NP installable in almost 4 scenarios:
>    o) Installation from scratch (CD, floppy, network, usb pen, .....)
>    o) Installation from an existing installation (turn your plain debian
>    installation into a debian-np (or cdd))
>    o) Installation from a live cd (Morphix.. Alextreme, thanks God you exsist!)
>    o) Installation for a lessdiscs system
I guess you mean s/lessdiscs/discless/ as Debian-Edu does for student clients.

> Ingredients for the recipe are:
> - Several Meta-pàckages in the form:
>  	  <cddname>-<kind of metapackage>_<version>_<arch>.deb
Do you have any example, where arch is not equal to "all"?
>  	  Example: debiannp-usermanagement_0.3_i386.deb
I'm just wondering in how far a meta package for different architectures makes

> - One package that handle all configuration stuff (i.e. contains the
> stuff to perform the customization of the system)
>           <cddname>-common_<version>_<arch>.deb (all meta-packages want to depend on this)
>  	 Example: debiannp-common_0.3_i386.deb
Same here - I see no reason why this should be architecture dependant and cdd-dev
currently assumes arch == all .

> - One _Base-Config_ package that override at our needs the installer behavior (if the
>   system is going to be installed from scratch):
>           <cddname>-base-config_<version>_<arch>.deb (depends on base-config)
>  	 Example: debiannp-base-config_<version>_<arch>.deb
We should settle down with some common agreement how to proceed here.  I did
not used this for Debian-Med (currently no need for this) and thus I had no
look into the debian-edu-config package.  I hope that we could settle down here
with a common system for all CDDs and integration intor cdd-dev package to support
also easy building of this config-package.

> The configuration package contains an user-interface (dialog?) in which the
> user can choose wich components[2] to install. This interface also take
> care of the configuration stuff (the _real_ customization) outside any
> post-install, to avoid breaking the policy.
> The configuration stuff will be done as better as possible (using
> debconf, cfengine, or whatever is whished.. it depends on every single
> case)
> In case of scratch or lessdisc installation, _Basic-Config_ pkg will
> contain instruction to run stuff from Configuration pkg.  The rationale
> for this is to always use the scripts in the Configuration package for
> doing configuration/customization works.
It would be great if somebody could send me a patch for the documentation which
describes sense, usage und structure of this package and how far those user-interface
dialog tool etc. are developed.  This would help other CDD adopters.

> In case of live-cd, just ask Alextreme :), but he seems to agree with
> the above scheme.
Because I do not know about Morphix it would be great if someone could compare
the work of Alextreme with the way which is describet at


and in how far we should enhance this documentation.

> So, let us have your comments, because we are going to burn!!
Thanks for your comments


> [2] We referr to the concept of components introduced by Ian Murdock at
> DebConf4 (http://www.debconf.org/debconf4)
Is this talk anywhere available.  I see many things in common to Componentized
Linux and hope that we could share a certain amount of work.

Kind regards


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