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Re: Working towards a stable release

On Wed, 21 Apr 2004, Ben Armstrong wrote:

> I am cautiously proceeding with switching junior-* to using cdd.  My
> hand-rolled system lacks some of the features the cdd package provides, but
> it works and is stable.  But if we are fast approaching a stable cdd package
> release, I will start the necessary changes now.  Just let me know your
> confidence level with the current cdd package (and your rough estimate of
> how much time we have left :) and I'll make a decision accordingly.  I would
> certainly like the menu feature in Debian Jr. for sarge, provided that all
> issues are resolved by the time sarge releases, as the lack of menus in
> Debian Jr. remains its most glaring deficiency.
I guess if you get the debian-med-0.7 tarball and look at it as a
template you would not have much trouble to convert junior packages.
The translation from my old system (which was comparable) to junior
was done in about one hour (including understanding what debian-edu
tasks directory means).  There are some more junior packages but
I guess you would not take longer than two hours to get to the
same state as you are currently.

Then you will have to build the menu entries step by step.  But in
the beginning you might consider copying the menu entries from the
dependant packages to the relevant files.

I have to admit that Cosimo was *very* fast in providing patches if
something did not work like expected.  So I see no problems in case
of trouble.  Do not hesitate to ask if something remains unclear.

Kind regards


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