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Processing of cdd_0.3_i386.changes (fwd)


perhaps this release seems to be a little bit fast, but I try to propose the
reasons for it:

  1. Make it public to other CDDs
     Currently Debian-Med is the only CDD which is using this stuff and I
     have the feeling that a release might change this.
  2. Replace the bad hack of 0.2
     Compared to cdd-0.2 which is in the archives currently cdd-0.3
     is a great improvement even if it would have some more bugs which
     might be fixed in a 0.3.1 release (VERSION in CVS was just bumped).
  3. It builds working Debian-Med packages.
     The current debian-med-0.6 packages have a "Does not install"
     bug (#244903 - the severity is set to normal, but in fact it is an
     RC bug).  I wanted to fix this.  Moreover I've thought it might be
     reasonable to prevent propagating bad handling of user menus as
     it was done in the version which will be overriden now soon.
  4. Comply to documentation.
     I plan to update cdd-doc to the current build system.  It would
     be nice to have the stuff which is documented really released.

I know that there might be some polishing and more testing necessary but
I decided these are reasons are enough to do an upload.

Please test this.

I expect only minor changes for debian-edu packages.  They do currently
not need the menu / role stuff and should only replace the gen-control
call.  That's all, IMHO.  Debian-Jr. has to do a similiar move like I
did for Debian-Med, but this should not be very hard.  I do not know
anything about other meta packages.

Have fun


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