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Re: DE discussions

On Sat, Feb 06, 2016 at 11:44:55AM +0100, Axel Beckert wrote:
> Hi.
> Amruth Chand wrote:
> > Hey, why ain't anyone bringing in dwm? Sure, no config is a
> > bummer...
> That's the point probably.
> > But just a few thousand lines of code sure makes it compile fast.
> Having to configure a software in C is probably worse than having to
> configure it in Haskell or Lua. Never tried xmonad or dwm (for more
> than a few minutes) though.
> My WM history: twm (a few months in 1995), tvtwm (maybe a year), FVWM
> 1+2 (ca. 15 years), Ratpoison (ca. 4 years, but only on small screens,
> i.e. the 7" EeePC 701), and Awesome 2+3 (Slightly over 5 years now,
> started in parallel to Ratpoison, just for all bigger screens. I
> wanted a usable Tiling WM for big screens and multihead after having
> tasted tiling blood with Ratpoison. FVWM's SmartPlacement suddenly
> wasn't good enough anymore.)

If we're going to list WM histories...

enlightenment 16 for several years (until someone tried to fix its bugs
and introduced more), ion3 for a few weeks (until I realized that it's a
bit too extreme for my taste), gnome 2 (until a few weeks after a major
release update back in 2005 where I realized that the gnome people have
the weird idea that *removing* features is a good idea), icewm
("temporarily", which turned out to be for about seven years or so),
and awesome (which I still use, with no reason to switch to somehing
else so far -- and yes, at 3.5 :-).

> My setup with Ratpoison and Awesome (and already some i3 stuff) can be
> found at https://github.com/xtaran/ratpoison-desktop. (The repository
> name is owed to its history: it started as a ratpoison-only setup.)

Never did the "commit setup into git" thing. Not sure what the benefit
is... in my case, it's just a 10-line .xsession and some config files,

> I also remember having used Sawfish with GNOME 1 on a single computer
> for a while as well as KDE 3 or 4 on a Debian GNU/kFreeBSD box in its
> early days. But back then I always came back to FVWM after some time.

Never did the gnome 1 thing. Just didn't seem to make sense to me at the

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       people in the world who think they really understand all of its rules,
       and pretty much all of them are just lying to themselves too.
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