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Re: DE discussions


Amruth Chand wrote:
> Hey, why ain't anyone bringing in dwm? Sure, no config is a
> bummer...

That's the point probably.

> But just a few thousand lines of code sure makes it compile fast.

Having to configure a software in C is probably worse than having to
configure it in Haskell or Lua. Never tried xmonad or dwm (for more
than a few minutes) though.

My WM history: twm (a few months in 1995), tvtwm (maybe a year), FVWM
1+2 (ca. 15 years), Ratpoison (ca. 4 years, but only on small screens,
i.e. the 7" EeePC 701), and Awesome 2+3 (Slightly over 5 years now,
started in parallel to Ratpoison, just for all bigger screens. I
wanted a usable Tiling WM for big screens and multihead after having
tasted tiling blood with Ratpoison. FVWM's SmartPlacement suddenly
wasn't good enough anymore.)

My setup with Ratpoison and Awesome (and already some i3 stuff) can be
found at https://github.com/xtaran/ratpoison-desktop. (The repository
name is owed to its history: it started as a ratpoison-only setup.)

I also remember having used Sawfish with GNOME 1 on a single computer
for a while as well as KDE 3 or 4 on a Debian GNU/kFreeBSD box in its
early days. But back then I always came back to FVWM after some time.

		Regards, Axel
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