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Re: Two GR concepts for dicussion

At 1180600673 time_t, Anthony Towns wrote:
> My idea was to have an annual round where any DD could nominate themselves
> to join any team -- DSA, ftpmaster, maintenance of some particular
> package, www team, whatever. Acceptance would be automatic, provided:

That remains me a game with chairs and music.

> 	* no more than three people are joining the team (if so,
> 	  the existing team can select three, or the DPL can if the
> 	  existing team don't)
> 	* the role isn't "core", or the person isn't already involved
> 	  in two or more other "core" roles (eg, ftpmaster assistant isn't
> 	  core, ftpmaster is; release assistant isn't, release manager is)
> 	* the person can demonstrate some minimal existing competence
> 	  in the area
> 	* the person is willing to agree in writing to make every
> 	  reasonable effort to work with the existing team (which the
> 	  DPL will enumerate on request)

Kamoulox !

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