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Re: New book!

You might say that i am complete moron, but who is Sven Luther anyways? And why do you make fun of him?

On 5/30/07, Kevin Mark < kevin.mark@verizon.net> wrote:
Sven Luther, famous Debian Developer, is about to release his highly
awaited book entitled "How to win friends and influence people"! Each
book contains detailed instructions on the art of verbal thrust and
parry and 1,000 ways to express 'sadness' and 'unhappyness' in 5
languages! It also comes with a set of 'rose-colored' glass and ear
plugs to see and hear clearly and a cluebat for convining everyone that
they should join your causes. Act now! Its on sale for a limited time
until supplies run out!  The warehouse has only 1,000,000 copies left!
Buy 2 and get 1 free!
[this is a ficticious ad paid for by Lex Luthor, top contributer to the
'Sven for DPL in 2008' campaign]
[Now back to your regularly scheduled flamewar...]
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