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Re: A Republican!!!!!! (was Re: OT: sponge burning!)

On Thu, Mar 01, 2007 at 09:32:19AM -0500, charlie derr wrote:
> Apologies for yanking this thread over to this completely innocent list, 
> but I couldn't let this response go unanswered (and after all the whining 
> about OT posts on debian-user, I'm not willing to send my response in that 
> direction).
> Steve,
> 	Maybe your argument makes sense to like-minded folk (that Michael M 

What makes you think he might be subscribed to *this* list?

" ... the official version cannot be abandoned because the implication of
rejecting it is far too disturbing: that we are subject to a government
conspiracy of `X-Files' proportions and insidiousness."
Letter to the LA Times Magazine, September 18, 2005.

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