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Re: A Republican!!!!!! (was Re: OT: sponge burning!)

Steve Lamb wrote:
Michael M. wrote:
Thank you, Mr. Lamb, for telling me I don't
value my time because I use public transport (and bicycle).  I just
never would have know otherwise.

    First off I didn't name you specifically so get off your "boo-hoo, he
insulted me" trip.  People is a generalization.  There's always the exception.
 Look around, you're the exception.

How idiotic.  And typical of frothing conservative asswipes always
condemning everybody else's choices.

    Always condemning everybody else's choices?  Really?  This in a thread
where several liberals have condemned people for driving vehicles they deemed
offensive and another liberal called another person's number of vehicles a
"crutch" for not leaning on their politician for public transportation.
Sorry, but those are the only condemnations of other people's choices that I
saw so far and I got sick of seeing the overly broad tripe from the leftists.
 Don't like being called out on it?  Don't spew it.  As expected it's the
leftists coming out with the foul language and personal attacks.

Apologies for yanking this thread over to this completely innocent list, but I couldn't let this response go unanswered (and after all the whining about OT posts on debian-user, I'm not willing to send my response in that direction).

Maybe your argument makes sense to like-minded folk (that Michael M and people who agree with him) will never make any headway against anyhow. But to me, it seems that you really appear to be a bright enough person to realize that what you'd written doesn't really hold up. Despite the vitriol in Michael M's response, he's spot on with calling your statement an absurd overgeneralization. For people who live and/or work in or near large cities, public transportation is often a better choice (or a good choice as a supplement to personal transportation). By devoting energy to creatively solving the problems, I think that in the future more rural residents may also find public transportation a useful alternative.

I think it does a great disservice to the planet and those who will live on it in the future to dismiss public transportation as "inferior" (at least as long as "personal transportation" mostly means "personal internal combustion engines").


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