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Re: Let's not drag this into another flame war please.

On Thu, Jun 29, 2006 at 11:04:33AM +0100, Neil McGovern wrote:
> You CC-ed me even though it's explicitly against list policy! I should
> start an expultions proceedure against you!

you get what you deserve if you can't even configure your mailcient
right. mutt supports a Mail-FollowUp-To: header, which tells recipients
how you want your replies.

wouter uses mutt too, and you would not have received a CC from him had
you set that header. (or from me now, for that matter)

don't hide behind the list policy it.  is your responsibility to tell
everyone what your preference is.  there are a number of people who
require CCs to communicate with them over lists regardless of list
policy (most notably joey)

you can't expect everyone else to keep track of your preference. we
would end up with a situation where everyone needs to keep track of
everyone elses preference, so it makes more sense to turn the thing
around and make everyone responsible for their own preference and for
telling others about that.

for those whose mailreaders do not support Mail-FollowUp-To: file a bug
with upstream, and get them to fix that (or fix it yourself)

greetings, martin.
ps: i hope the tone matches the discussion and apologize if you perceive
this as off topic  ;-)
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