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Re: if you spot a bug, why dont you fix it, if you can??

Adam Borowski wrote:
> So, while obviously posting anything than includes "debian-niggers"
> is not a good idea, you can't claim that the word "nigger" is an
> insult.  By claiming that, you state your belief that "a nigger" is
> an inferior person.
I have no clue where this discussion came from, but considering racial
epithets insulting does not in any way require being a racist. I claim
that Mallory (assuming Mallory is a white man who does not know Bob)
referring to Bob as, e.g., "that nigger", is insulting because of
Mallory's opinion of blacks (or, at least of Bob), demonstrated by the
word he chose to use — and that my opinion of blacks and Bob is
completely irrelevant to the question.

Indeed, this is quite backed by the definition of insult: "to treat with
insolence, indignity, or contempt" (m-w.com). And I'm pretty sure that
in the example above, Mallory is doing so to Bob. Hmnm, this could
explain why Mallory is always trying to spy on Bob's conversations with
his girlfriend Alice.

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