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Re: OT: U.S. Army veterans in Debian?

Oh oh, I think I hear an incoming!

chouck@binghamton.edu wrote:
Not a vet, but a supporter of the troops 'over there' and vets in general.

I hope EVERYONE here supports the troops even of they are against the war.
Just as one must hate the sin not the sinner.
The grunts are doing a job they are told to do, most did not choose
to go to Iraq and kill bad guys. They were ordered to.

Most of you can ignore this question.

Do the ranks of Debian Developers include any U.S. Army
veterans besides me?  Or would I be the sole
representative of that class?

Assuming overwhelming unpopularity of the U.S. Army
among Debianites, I suppose that this message invites
ridicule, but that's okay.  The Army is probably tough
enough to endure a little international fun on
debian-curiosa.  However, I would be curious to learn of
any other U.S. veterans in Debian, particularly Army
veterans.  A Google search on "Debian Developer U.S.
Army" turns up a conference or two where Debian
Developers and U.S. Army veterans shared the same stage,
but no references to both in the same person.  I can
think of no better place to ask the question than here.
Is the intersection of the two sets larger than the
present writer only?

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