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Re: OT: U.S. Army veterans in Debian?

Not a vet, but a supporter of the troops 'over there' and vets in general.

I hope EVERYONE here supports the troops even of they are against the war.
Just as one must hate the sin not the sinner.
The grunts are doing a job they are told to do, most did not choose
to go to Iraq and kill bad guys. They were ordered to.

> Most of you can ignore this question.
> Do the ranks of Debian Developers include any U.S. Army
> veterans besides me?  Or would I be the sole
> representative of that class?
> Assuming overwhelming unpopularity of the U.S. Army
> among Debianites, I suppose that this message invites
> ridicule, but that's okay.  The Army is probably tough
> enough to endure a little international fun on
> debian-curiosa.  However, I would be curious to learn of
> any other U.S. veterans in Debian, particularly Army
> veterans.  A Google search on "Debian Developer U.S.
> Army" turns up a conference or two where Debian
> Developers and U.S. Army veterans shared the same stage,
> but no references to both in the same person.  I can
> think of no better place to ask the question than here.
> Is the intersection of the two sets larger than the
> present writer only?

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