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Re: CIA training

On Wednesday 20 July 2005 16.53, Anthony DeRobertis wrote:
> Mark Humby wrote:

> Ah! So you must be that guy I on Metro who was worried for a while that
> I was an alien from outer space[0].

Aren't you?

> > Therefore I require a teacher to teach me:
> > 1. Jungle and Urban sniping
> > 2. Explosives
> > 3. IT and telecommunications
> > 4. Armed/unarmed hand to hand combat.
> On (1) you're asking a bunch of computer geeks. Do you think we've ever
> even been to a jungle, much less sniped people? OTOH, maybe watching
> /MADLAX/ would help.

Theft in San Andreas
Half Life

Do I need to continue?

> On (2), try posting a suggestion of how to re-do 
> Debian's release process to -devel, and you'll find out quite a bit
> about explosions.


> For (4), I suggest cross-posting a diatride on how 
> much better Windows is than Linux, especially in its licensing, to
> -devel, -project, and -legal. You'll quickly find out about hand-to-hand
> (and worse) combat that way,

Would actually surprise me if that got any replies except to -curiosa.

But c.o.l.a might be worth a try.

-- vbi

Gomme's Laws:
	(1) A backscratcher will always find new itches.
	(2) Time accelerates.
	(3) The weather at home improves as soon as you go away.

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