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CIA training

Dear SIr, 
            I believe we may have been introduced, perhaps even on the street. I have been living a black operation for the past 5 years. I have been receiving emails with pornographic title. When opened these emails contain words of philosophy and have a few words down the bottom of the end of the page. I have also learned through the media that the CIA quite often perform these operations but the public think of it as some kind of virus.
I believe I am an effective intelligence collector, simply because of my life experience rather than higher education.
Therefore I require a teacher to teach me:
1. Jungle and Urban sniping
2. Explosives
3. IT and telecommunications
4. Armed/unarmed hand to hand combat.
I realise this email might not reach its target, so please pass it on to your CO because I WILL NOT GIVE UP until I get to where I want to go.
Many thanks
Mark Humby        Phone : 0410 046 306     all hours

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