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Re: CIA training

> > Dear SIr,
> >             I believe we may have been introduced, perhaps even on the
> > street.
> You've got to worry about the ones with funny titles, like "¼÷Ãë~³¡.
> Çê°³·Î ÇØ°áÇϼ¼¿ä!!!"[2], too. I hear those are mind-control devices.
> > Therefore I require a teacher to teach me:
> > 1. Jungle and Urban sniping
> > 2. Explosives
> > 3. IT and telecommunications
> > 4. Armed/unarmed hand to hand combat.
[..more blabla]
> [0] True story. Really. Happened on the way back from a meeting with
> other Debian developers, so its even Debian-related. Sort of.

Well, if ever an email would trigger all ECHELON (or however they
spell it) devices on the planet at the same time, that would be it.

You forgot "Airline", "Plane", "Bomb" and "Pilot".

BTW, I love the way you managed to claim debian relevancy in there!
How did you figure out that about our^Wtheir mind control emails?

Fredrik "Demonen" Vold
- Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and
good with ketchup.

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