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Re: debian umbrella resurected

Eddy Petrisor wrote:

I have somebody here that might be able to do the umbrella thing discussed a few months ago.

I have just discussed with the guy a few more details and I will have a price by tuesday or wednesday.

Apparently a big swirl is poassible and the price is not too high...

I will need a very big resolution image of the logo for this.
The umbrella is big (~1m/spoke) and I told him I wanted it to be white with a straight handle (not the ugly - in my opinion - bended one )

He wasn't certain that a logo over the whole umbrella was possible, but if it is.... In case the big logo is not possible I would like to know if and how many would still want a Debian umbrella...
Please do not give the answer to this last request yet.

I will give more info when I get them myself..

I am negotiating with him at this moment...

As I said at the begining of the next week I will have more info.

How many of you would still be interested?

I must say that I am Romania (that is Eastern Europe in case somebody doesn't know), so I will think of a method of delivering and payment. I am not that rich to afford paying all (I esitmate about 30 by now, but will ask you to fill in a form on at a later time) of the umbrellas, but don't worry I will not run with the money... :-) I am participating to the debian installer project as a translator for Romanian, so I guess I have a little bit of credibility and I plan to dig further into the Debian project, maybe as a developer (not possible at the moment as I am busy with my diploma project at the moment)...

You can also search for my name on the web and you will find info about me regarding a mechanics project and other issues - that project was done in the second year as a student, so you can find and beat me to death in case I decide to run with the money :-/ .


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