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Re: unhappy customer

>>>>> "Ulrich" == Ulrich Fürst <Fuerst.Ulrich@web.de> writes:


Ulrich> But much harder than installing is to get the system
Ulrich> working. I'm working on the system for nearly half a year and I
Ulrich> ain't got my system complete. For example scanning: it lasted
Ulrich> several weeks to get it going.

I wonder if that isn't a general GNU/Linux problem, and not just
Debian.  e.g. I wonder if RedHat would be different.

Ulrich> My sound doesn't work completely up till now, and so on...

Yes.  Now that you mention it, Debian took a bit more effort to set up
sound than RedHat because RedHat ran sndconfig for me.

Hardware detection and configuration is important to getting Debian
(and GNU/Linux in general) usable to the general public.  I know the
new Debian installer has some hardware detection, but I've never tried
it, so I don't know how good/extensive it is.

Ulrich> P.S. Sorry for PM, Hubert Chan

No problem

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