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Re: unhappy customer

Hubert Chan wrote:
"Billie" == Billie Mulcahy <eubillie@lycos.com> writes:

Billie> Debian is hard to install. ...

Could you tell us what you found hard about the install?

Personally, I have never found it hard to install.  The only thing I
found was that you had to know what hardware you had, to pick out the
right modules if they were needed.  (Hopefully this will be better with
the hardware autodetect in the new d-i.)  But then again, I had
installed SLS from a huge stack of floppies back in the day.

So I am wondering what exactly it is that people find hard about the
Debian installer.

O.K. I started into debian in october of 2003 and before I was using DOS
and Windows for all the years before. (should be at about 10 years).
So the hard thing installing debian, was that you had to answer
questions I never imagined someone could have asked me. I never dropped a thought about those things. O.K. it just took a "few" hours. Exactly 2 or 3 days I guess, where I tried to find out what I should answer or what the installer was talking about at all. But much harder than installing is to get the system working. I'm working on the system for nearly half a year and I ain't got my system complete. For example scanning: it lasted several weeks to get it going. My sound doesn't work completely up till now, and so on...

So *I* find it hard to install debian and even harder to get it working.

Have a nice 'evening' despite all that. ;-)


P.S. Sorry for PM, Hubert Chan

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