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hey there
debian installer has gotten better over the years....however for the 
newbie it does require extensive knowledge on HOW you want your system 
to be configured....MOST newbies want to be able to throw in a cd make a 
few clicks and have it install a preconfigured configured system...
its awsome that linux is so configurable, but alot of people need 
choices made for them at first till they know what they are doing...

libranet/knoppix/progengy installer have all simplified the install 
process...alot of newbies dont know what a domain name IS more less what 
they should fill in when asked...
Linux because I am a geek
Debian because I am a super-geek!

> begin  quote  vasudeva <vasudeva@megarad.com> 2004-03-22 14:21:49:
> >I realize I must be in the minority, and that Red Hat's installer
> >*is* pretty, but I just don't see Debian's installer as the
> >egregious UI disaster some make it out to be.
> Have you ever tried to install RedHat onto a system which
> contained an overnew video card? an enriching experience
> I would unreservedly recommend, from personal experience
> (at least half a dozen rebuilds from scratch, followed by hand-
> hacking in a sufficiently clueful X), to anyone who believes
> installation must use a GUI to have street cred.  Pretty is for
> afterwards.
> Meanwhile, back at the original complaint, said complainant
> should have been shipped a complimentary copy of Knoppix.
> >My two cents.
> My 2g of nitro :-) .
> PS: Apologies for this wretched alleged mailer, and whatever
> disclaimer our site mailsystems may append.
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