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OT: openoffice mailing lists gone amok!

It's odd, but here's something that's off topic even for d-c :)

The allfeatures mailing list at openoffice.org has been subscribed to
itself, by a virus and then someone replying to the subscription
confirmation.  Oddly enough, the confirmation was from an Office 11(office
xp?) user, in html.  Odd, for an OpenOffice newsgroup ;)  Looks like
another person is bouncing back emails to the server as well.

So anyways, it's replying to itself, over and over.  I've gotten over 250
emails so far.  It started at 8k per email, and is up to 94k per email

So I figured I'd look at the archives there.  It's up to about 660 emails,
and the last one I looked at was about 600k in size.

So Letsee.  660 emails. average size is about 300k each.  20 meg per user,
so far.

Wonder how many people are subscribed :)

I feel sorry for anyone who has to pay the bandwidth bills.


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